The first color-tunable LED bulb for professional film, stage and event productions is now only weeks away.  Finally!!  We don’t have an exact date but we are expecting them mid-June. If you have been waiting, get in on this pre-order. These are going to go fast!!  We are offering these strictly first come, first serve.

Not bigger than a normal LED bulb, it contains a CRMX receiver as well as RF and Bluetooth modules for the AsteraApp.

It can be powered via lamp socket or with a standard power bank and thanks to its Titan LED engine it displays precise colors and white tones with ultra-high CRI and TLCI.

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Precise Colors

Display exact CCT, RGB & HSI values or reproduce standard color gels.

Tunable White

The NYX Bulb has a range from 1,750K to 20,000K

Ultra High Color Rendering

TLCI ≥96, CRI ≥96, CRI Re≥90 from 3200K to 6500K

NYX Bulb Set – FP5-SET – Astera-LED

Set of 8 NYX Bulbs with PowerStation, Case and Accessories. Comes with 8 NYX Bulbs, 1 PowerStation, 8 CupBouncers, 8 USB cables, 1 x 48VDC PSU.

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Power through AC + DC

Power through lamp socket or via external battery (5~18VDC)

Wireless DMX

Built-in LumenRadio CRMX receiver

Direct App Control

No AsteraBox required (coming soon)

NYX PowerStation Set – FP5-PS-SET – Astera-LED

This is the perfect companion to the NYX Bulb Set. You get 8 PowerStations,8 E26 Lamp Sockets, 8 TrackPins, 8 PowerStation Hangers, 1 x 24VDC PSU and an 8-way adapter cable, all in a handy carry case.

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NYX PowerStation

Connect the integrated cable to your bulb’s DC connector to power it up. While connected, the Power Station acts as a remote display to program DMX addresses and settings which the bulb will store in its memory. It can also set colors, effects, brightness etc which the bulb will continue to display when in a powered lamp socket or connected to a power bank. Apart from its backside magnets the Power Station features an airline track to attach mounting accessories such as Babypin and Single Stud Ring.

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