Fly Bar for AX2 Pixel Bar

Fly Bar for AX2 Pixel Bar: Essential rigging accessory for versatile lighting setups. Supports hanging up to 8 AX2-50 or 4 AX2-100 PixelBars. Offers adjustable angles with multiple mounting options for optimal lighting control.


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Optimize Your Lighting Array with the Fly Bar for AX2 Pixel Bar

The Fly Bar for AX2 Pixel Bar is a robust rigging solution designed to enhance the flexibility and creativity of your lighting installations. Perfect for professional stage, event, and studio settings, this accessory allows you to securely hang and precisely angle your AX2 PixelBars.

Durable and Versatile:

  • Capacity: Capable of supporting up to 8 AX2-50 or 4 AX2-100 PixelBars, the FlyBar offers a reliable solution for creating expansive, dynamic lighting displays.
  • Adjustable Mounting: Features 9 different mounting holes, enabling you to angle the suspended AX2 PixelBars upwards or downwards to achieve the desired lighting effect.

Advanced Design:

  • Single Point Rigging: Simplifies the setup by allowing multiple lights to be hung from a single rigging point, reducing complexity and enhancing setup efficiency.
  • Optimal Flexibility: The choice of multiple mounting positions on the FlyBar ensures that you can customize the configuration to suit the specific demands of each venue or event.

The Fly Bar for AX2 Pixel Bar is an indispensable tool for lighting technicians and designers seeking to maximize the impact and efficiency of their light setups. Whether adjusting the angle for dramatic effects or consolidating light fixtures for cleaner rigging, the FlyBar adapts to your creative needs.

For detailed specifications and compatibility, please refer to the official datasheet: FlyBar Datasheet.

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