Wireless Film Lights: Your Trusted Partner in Astera-LED Film and Event Lighting. We not only rent, sell, and support these specialty wireless LEDs but also offer a range of products that enhance their versatility and ease of use.

Wireless Film Lights is a premier lighting solution tailored for the innovative minds in the television, film, theatrical, and event sectors. Our deep expertise, especially in TV and cinema productions, enables us to offer rental, sales, and support for specialized wireless, battery-powered LED lighting exclusively from Astera-LED.

Wireless Film Lights is a committed stocking dealer for the Astera-LED lineup, offering an extensive in-house inventory that sets us apart from many drop-shipping dealers. Our collection features a comprehensive range of Astera’s latest products including Titans, Hyperions, Helios, Pixel Bars, TriplePar, PowerPar, PixelBrick, and HydraPanels. To complement our lighting solutions, we provide magnet products by Androokie, light shaping gear by Honeycrates & Lightsock, top-tier transmitters from LumenRadio, and the innovative Exo Modular Building Systems by LockCircle.

With many years of hands-on experience, we believe that we have seen it all and are confident to say that we have more capability than anyone in North America servicing, supporting and using Astera LED lights. Period.  We can solve problems and answer questions that others are just not capable of doing. This isn’t because we say so, our long list of clients and their testimonials confirm that it is true.  Here’s what Joey, a principal at Retonica had to say:  “Greg is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful and has answered every question I have thrown at him–at all times of the day and night.” We are available to you WHENEVER you need us, even outside of “normal” office hours to support you in meeting your every need.
By utilizing our expertise, you save time & labor costs!!!  Supply us with your lighting plot and we can pre-address & label fixtures before shipping.  And if your project is “mission critical”, hire one of our experts to be on-site to help with logistics, work-flow, setup and everything else.

And here’s what Derek, a project manager at Worldstage had to say:  “Greg Hodges & Astera-LED provide the gold standard in quality wireless LED fixtures for Professional Production Services. The quality of the Astera product is easily matched by Greg’s professional and courteous service. He cares about his customers and consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty….

“Greg is still the go to guy for me. He is always available to trouble shoot various problems. I consider Greg the most important part of your product line. His customer support is amazing!”
John Velez

Chief Lighting Technician, "Isn't It Romantic"

RF interference, Wi-Fi routers, com channels, wireless video, wireless audio etc… Virtually anything wireless can provide challenges to making everything function properly. And troubleshooting in the real world, like on a television or movie set can eat up valuable time that you don’t have, throw off schedules and cost you more money. We’ve seen it all and already know how to fix most issues that come up, so let us help you today!

We care about you!  Call us today and see how Wireless Film Lights,  Greg Hodges and his team can make your life easier!


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I have to tell you that you have an amazing product on your hands, well in my hands now…  I am blown away by the simplicity and ease that they offer me to do things with light, and in places that use to be so cumbersome and difficult to achieve.  Really an incredible design.  Let’s continue our discussion and you must come down to set if you have a chance to see them in action.

Anthony Wolberg

Director of Photography, Quantico