FP1 Titan Tube

TitanTube LED Tube: The filmmaker’s choice for versatile lighting. Offers tunable whites and RGBMintAmber hues, with wireless control and a robust built-in battery.


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"Either the Titan Charging case, or Wall Charger are required when purchasing a Titan."

Power Supply for Titan/Helios Tube

Universal LED Tube Charger: Charge your Titan or Helios tubes with this reliable wall charger. Designed for US 2-pole outlets, optimized for performance and durability.

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TitanTube: The Ultimate LED Lighting Innovation

Designed for the creatives and technical experts alike, the TitanTube by Astera-LED stands out as a beacon of lighting excellence. It offers a powerful LED engine with a spectrum of RGBMintAmber colors, capable of producing tunable whites and vibrant colors that can be controlled down to the pixel level.

  • 72W Total LED Power delivering up to 2,900 Lumens
  • High CRI/TLCI rating of ≥96 for accurate color rendering
  • Seamless runtime technology for consistent illumination up to 20 hours
  • Wireless DMX integration and multiple control options including CRMX, Bluetooth, and WiFi

Whether used in a studio, on location, or at an event, the TitanTube's IP65 rating and durable polycarbonate construction make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. With its built-in battery and efficient charging system, downtime is minimized, ensuring your creative flow remains uninterrupted.

Each TitanTube comes with a robust set of accessories, ensuring immediate setup and flexibility. From the included TubeStand and TubeHolder to the practical Eyebolt, it’s equipped to meet the demands of any production environment.

Embrace the full potential of lighting with the TitanTube, where performance meets versatility.

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