Dooplo 80 by Lightsock for Hyperion Tube

For two Astera Hyperion Tubes: the USA-made Dooplo 80 offers flexible, velvety diffusion with adjustable light aperture control.


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The Lightsock Dooplo 80 redefines lighting excellence, boasting American craftsmanship, tailored specifically for two Astera Hyperion Tubes. Spanning an impressive 80.25 inches in length and 10 inches in width, this covered wagon light modifier weighs in at 16.1 pounds with the DOOPLO clamp and tubes included, blending durability with expansive lighting reach.

Our "Pearlescent" material is renowned for superior light diffusion, meeting the rigorous demands of professional lighting conditions.

True to its USA-made promise, the Dooplo 80 is engineered for simplicity and portability, collapsing neatly into its bag for effortless transport. The design incorporates "siders" that adjust the light's aperture—the effective opening through which light passes—from a full 360° ambiance to a focused 180° with one sider, or down to a fine sliver of light or complete blackout with both. This level of control allows for precise shaping of the light field, ensuring that cinematographers can sculpt the light to suit any scene's requirements. The dedicated DOOPLO clamp ensures the Hyperion Tubes are securely anchored, providing stable and reliable illumination wherever the shoot may take you.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in