Intensifier 80° for Hydra Panel

Boost Your HydraPanel’s Lighting with the Intensifier 80. Creates an 80° Narrow Beam for Longer Throw and Close-Ups. Features Magnets for Easy Attachment and Stacking.


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Intensify Your Lighting: The Intensifier 80 for HydraPanel

Introducing the Intensifier 80, a specialized light modifier designed to enhance the capabilities of your HydraPanel. This accessory narrows the beam to 80°, making it ideal for longer throw and close-up shots where more light is needed.

Key Features:

  • Creates an 80° Narrow Beam
  • Magnets on Top for Adding 2 Egg Crates
  • Magnets on Front and Back Corners for Easy Attachment and Stacking


  • 165.9 mm x 84.9 mm x 22 mm / 6.53" x 3.34" x 0.87"

Magnetic Convenience

The Intensifier 80 features magnets on its front and back corners, allowing for easy attachment to the HydraPanel. The magnets also enable you to stack other modifiers, offering the flexibility to create a custom look for your lighting setup.

Why Choose the Intensifier 80?

Whether you're on a film set or in any other production environment, the Intensifier 80 adds versatility to your HydraPanel. Its ability to narrow the beam and its magnetic features for easy stacking make it a valuable addition to your lighting toolkit.

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