Litemat 2 Honeycrate 30° Eggcrate

Litemat 2 Honeycrate 30° Grid: Enhance cinematic lighting with our 30° eggcrate. Snug fit, precise beam direction.


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Exact Lighting Control with Litemat 2 Honeycrate 30° Eggcrate

Refine your light with the Litemat 2 Honeycrate 30° Eggcrate. This grid's 30° angle is perfect for situations where you need to concentrate your light with accuracy, minimizing spill and maximizing impact.

  • Concentrated Beam: Ideal for directing light with precision, the 30° grid ensures a tight beam of light.
  • Simple Attachment: Easily affixes to the Litemat 2, for a quick and reliable setup.
  • Reliable Performance: Constructed for longevity, providing consistent lighting control shoot after shoot.

Maximize the potential of your Litemat 2 with the Honeycrate 30° Eggcrate, tailored for filmmakers seeking exact lighting finesse.

Product Specifications:

  • Perfect Fit: Exclusively designed for Litemat 2 LED panels.
  • Controlled Angle: 30° light shaping for focused, controlled scenarios.
  • Quality Build: Made with superior materials for endurance and ease of use.

Choose the Litemat 2 Honeycrate 30° Eggcrate for precision lighting on any project.

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Dimensions 29 × 7 × 3.5 in