Litemat 4 Honeycrate 30° Eggcrate

Litemat 4 Honeycrate 30° Grid: Illuminate expansive sets with our focused 30° eggcrate. Effortless fit, precise lighting.


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Targeted Light on a Large Scale with Litemat 4 Honeycrate 30° Eggcrate

With the Litemat 4 Honeycrate 30° Eggcrate, you gain the ability to sculpt light with unparalleled accuracy. This grid's 30° angle is particularly suited for broad panels like the Litemat 4, providing a concentrated light beam even over large areas.

  • Large Panel Precision: The 30° grid narrows down the light from larger sources, giving you exacting control.
  • Instant Attachment: Designed for a perfect fit on Litemat 4 panels, it sets up with no fuss.
  • Dependable Structure: Made with high-caliber materials for consistent, sag-free lighting control.

The Litemat 4 Honeycrate 30° Eggcrate is the professional's answer to controlled lighting for major productions. It's an investment in your craft, ensuring that every scene is lit to perfection.

Product Specifications:

  • Optimal Fit: Made exclusively for Litemat 4 LED panels.
  • Detailed Beam Control: 30° grid for directing light with specificity and sharpness.
  • Material Excellence: Constructed for professional-grade durability and performance.

Embrace the power of focused lighting with the Litemat 4 Honeycrate 30° Eggcrate</

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Weight 3.2 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 5.5 × 3 in