Androokie 43mm Magnet with 1/4-20 Male Thread

Compact 43mm black rubberized magnet featuring a 1/4-20 male thread. Engineered for versatile attachments and reliable stability.


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Androokie Industries

The Androokie 43mm Magnet is a perfect blend of compact design and robust functionality. With its sleek black rubberized finish, this magnet not only promises durability but also ensures surfaces remain unscathed.

Central to its design is the 1/4-20 male thread, paving the way for versatile attachments. Whether you're looking to attach an Astera PixelTube holder or employ an Eyebolt for added safety, this magnet is perfectly equipped to cater to your needs.

In essence, the Androookie 43mm Magnet stands as an indispensable tool for professionals in the lighting industry. It promises not just stability, but also the flexibility to adapt to diverse lighting scenarios, ensuring precision and peace of mind in every setup.

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