BabyPin Classic


Although not a BabyPin in the classical sense – this is Astera’s take. They describe it like this; “Double-ended Spigot – essential grip for mounting Astera tubes and spotlights to walls, truss and other structures.”

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The Spigot by Astera is a stainless steel stud or bolt that can be used in conjunction with various clamps and holders to quickly and easily mount the following Astera lights:

  • AX3 LightDrop
  • AX1 PixelTube
  • FP1 Titan
  • FP2 Helios
  • FP3 Hyperion
  • AX5 Triple Par

The Spigot has 1/4″ male threads at one end and 3/8″ male threads at the other.

When mounting a PixelTube for instance, the 1/4″ male threaded end will screw into the 1/4″ female thread of the PixelTube Holder. The other end will fit info a mafer clamp (or similar). This will provide a solution for attaching to trussing or other supporting structures.

The 3/8″ end will thread into the center yoke hole on the AX3 Lightdrop for similar purposes.

Additional information

Weight 0.1345 lbs
Dimensions 2.67 × .75 × .75 in