Power Supply for AX1 Pixel Tube

AX1 PixelTube Power Supply – Reliable 48VDC, 0.5A output with a 1.5m cable for seamless lighting power.


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Product Line: Astera-LED

Power your AX1 PixelTube with confidence using our official Power Supply, tailored specifically for your Astera lighting needs. This power supply ensures that your PixelTube is always ready for action, whether on set or in the studio, with its optimal 48VDC, 0.5A output.

Key Features:

  • Cable Length: A generous 1.5m (1500mm/39.31") cable length allows for flexible placement and easy setup.
  • DC Connector: Standard 5.5mm/2.1mm size ensures compatibility and a secure connection.
  • IP Rating: An IP20 rating guarantees protection against solid objects larger than 12.5mm, though it's not suited for damp conditions.
  • Ambient Operating Temperature: Operates efficiently within a temperature range of 0 – 40 °C (32 – 104 °F), ensuring reliability under various climate conditions.
  • Weight: Lightweight at just 0.14 kg (0.3 lbs), this power supply is easy to transport and handle.

The power supply's design is as practical as it is efficient, ensuring it won't be a bulky addition to your gear. Its light weight makes it ideal for mobile setups and on-the-go adjustments. With the assurance of steady power delivery and an easy-to-manage form factor, this Power Supply for the AX1 PixelTube is a necessity for maintaining your Astera lights' performance and longevity.

Opt for this dedicated power supply to keep your AX1 PixelTube operating at peak efficiency, ensuring consistent lighting quality and operational reliability for all your creative lighting endeavors.

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Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 2 in