Power Supply for Hyperion Tube

Versatile AC to DC power converter. Suitable for charging a Hyperion Tube or extended installations. Compatible with multiple Astera lights. Delivers up to 96W.


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Step up the efficiency and longevity of your Astera light setups with the Power Supply for Hyperion Tube. This AC to DC power converter is not only designed for the Hyperion Tube but also boasts compatibility with a range of Astera lights including the Titan Tube, Helios Tube, PlutoFresnel, HydraPanel, NYX PowerStations, and PixelBricks.

Whether you're looking to charge a single Hyperion Tube or need to wire it for a longer-term installation, this power supply ensures consistent and reliable energy delivery. With an input voltage range of 100-240 VAC, it's versatile enough to be used in various geographical locations without concern for voltage variations.

Outputting at 24 VDC – 4 A, and with a maximum power delivery of 96W, this power supply promises swift charging and stable power for longer installations, ensuring your lighting remains consistent throughout your project.

Additionally, the power supply comes equipped with generous cable lengths on both the AC and DC ends, measuring 47" and 59" respectively. This ensures flexibility in setups and minimizes the need for additional extension cables.

In summary, the Power Supply for Hyperion Tube is more than just a power converter—it's a testament to flexibility, compatibility, and reliability. It ensures that whether you're on set, at an event, or in a studio, your Astera lights remain powered and performing at their best.

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