Power Supply for Titan/Helios Tube

Universal LED Tube Charger: Charge your Titan or Helios tubes with this reliable wall charger. Designed for US 2-pole outlets, optimized for performance and durability.


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Optimized Power Supply for LED Tubes

Keep your Titan and Helios LED tubes powered up and ready for action with our high-quality wall charger. This non-OEM power supply is engineered to meet and exceed the original manufacturer's specifications, providing a reliable charge to your lighting equipment on set or in any standalone setup.

  • Compatible with single Titan or Helios tubes
  • Designed exclusively for US 2-pole outlets
  • High efficiency with low no-load power consumption
  • Enhanced safety features including short circuit, overload, and over-voltage protection

Our wall charger showcases a compact design, suitable for tight spaces and on-the-go charging scenarios, and operates within a wide temperature range for use in various environments. It's built to provide a steady output while being energy-efficient, adhering to the latest safety standards.

With a commitment to quality, this power supply is a robust and cost-effective solution for your LED tube lighting needs, ensuring that you have uninterrupted power without the need for additional adapters. Simplify your setup with this essential accessory.

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