Pre-Owned ART7 Astera Box #PLK-002

Pre-Owned ART7 Astera Box #PLK-002: Essential wireless control for Astera lights with compact design, multiple protocols, and extensive battery life. Includes DMX adapter, charger, and case. Comes with a 6-month warranty and free continental U.S. shipping.


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Reliable Wireless Control: Pre-Owned ART7 Astera Box #PLK-002

Step into the world of advanced lighting with the Pre-Owned ART7 Astera Box #PLK-002. This indispensable interface bridges your controller and Astera lights, offering flawless wireless control and monitoring. It’s the preferred choice for lighting professionals who require the dependability of a proven platform.

Distinguished Features:

  • Compact Size: 144 mm x 78 mm x 30 mm / 5.7” x 3.1” x 1.2”
  • Efficient Power Usage: 5 VDC – 2 A
  • Extended Battery Life: 72 h (App), 8-10 h (CRMX)
  • Diverse Wireless Protocols: UHF, CRMX, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Impressive Range: Up to 300 m / 328 yds
  • Premium Housing: Aluminium
  • Protection: IP20 rated

Equipped with Bluetooth and CRMX technology, the ART7 facilitates a Bluetooth Bridge and supports Astera’s Talkback+ for interactive command response. It's also ready for wireless DMX action with its integrated LumenRadio module.

Included with Purchase:

  • 1x Pre-owned AsteraBox (ART7)
  • 1x DMX Adapter (ART7-DMXA)
  • 1x Power Supply (ART7-CHR-U)
  • 1x Protective Carry Case (ART7-CSE)

Pre-Owned ART7 Astera Box Warranty

  • Duration: 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • Coverage: Comprehensive coverage for defects in materials and workmanship during normal operation.
  • Exclusions: Protection does not include damage due to misuse, accidents, unauthorized repairs, or modifications.
  • Claim Process: Valid claims require proof of purchase along with a clear description of the issue. Potential remedies include repair, replacement, or a pro-rated refund.
  • Shipping for Repairs: Customers cover the outbound shipping to our repair facility; we handle the return costs after repair.
  • Non-Warranty Issues: If the problem isn't covered by warranty, we'll provide a cost estimate for repair, with all shipping charges borne by the customer, irrespective of the repair decision.

Choose the Pre-Owned ART7 Astera Box #PLK-002 for an eco-friendly option that delivers reliability and cutting-edge control for your Astera lighting setup, backed by our guarantee of excellence and customer satisfaction, complete with a 6-month warranty and free shipping within the continental United States.

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