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White Remote (AST-ARC3): Precision control for white tones and brightness. Features quick pairing and MAX runtime setting for Astera lights.


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Effortless Lighting Control: White Remote (AST-ARC3)

The White Remote (AST-ARC3) is a specialized remote designed for precise control over white color tones and brightness of Astera lighting products. It simplifies operations with step adjustments of 5% for intensity, ranging from 10% to 100%, and includes a DIM +/- function for easy brightness modification.

  • Enhanced White Tone Adjustment: Precisely control the white tones of your lights for the perfect ambiance and intensity.
  • Blue Mode for Quick Pairing: Simplifies the pairing process with the AsteraApp, saving time especially when handling multiple lights.
  • Convenient Runtime Setting: A dedicated button sets the lights to MAX runtime, optimizing usage for extended periods.

Whether you are setting up for an event or a professional shoot, the White Remote streamlines the process, allowing quick adjustments and configurations. It's an essential time-saving tool for those managing numerous lights, transforming complex setups into straightforward tasks.

Product Features:

  • Intensity Control: Adjust brightness from 10% to 100% in 5% increments for precise lighting.
  • Efficient Pairing: Facilitates faster connection with the AsteraApp through Blue Mode.
  • Max Runtime Option: Easily set lights for maximum runtime with a simple button press.

Embrace the convenience and control of the White Remote (AST-ARC3) for seamless management of your Astera lighting setup.

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