AX3 Light Drop Kit, White

AX3 LightDrop Kit, White Edition: Elevate your lighting with this exclusive kit, featuring 8 special edition white AX3 units, diverse diffusors, and a comprehensive charging case. Designed for seamless setup and mobility.


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Exclusive AX3 LightDrop Kit, White Edition: Precision Lighting for Professionals

Introducing the AX3 LightDrop Kit, White Edition, a meticulously assembled lighting solution crafted for cinematographers, event planners, and lighting professionals. This special edition kit, featuring 8 AX3 units with elegant white housings, is designed to blend seamlessly into sophisticated environments while providing exceptional lighting versatility.

Kit Components:

  • 8 Special Edition White AX3 Lightdrop Units: Offering dynamic, powerful lighting with an aesthetic edge, perfect for creating ambience or accent lighting in upscale events and productions.
  • Diverse Diffusion Options: Includes 8x 30° Diffusors for focused lighting and 8x 120° Diffusors for softer, wider coverage, ensuring adaptability to any lighting scenario.
  • Integrated Charging Convenience: The custom charging case, equipped with foam cutouts for each AX3 unit, simplifies the charging process with an included IEC Cable, ensuring your lights are always ready for action.
  • Protection and Durability: Each unit is accompanied by a waterproof cover for the charging port, enhancing longevity, and 24x LightDrop Eyebolts for versatile mounting options.

Special Edition Advantage:

The white housings of the AX3 units not only offer a visually striking appearance but also make these lights a rare find in the U.S. market, generally available only through special orders. Their compact dimensions of 20.5" x 15.7" x 5.5" allow for easy transportation and setup, making this kit an indispensable tool for professionals seeking both aesthetic appeal and lighting excellence.

With the AX3 LightDrop Kit, White Edition, experience a blend of style, functionality, and ease of use that elevates your lighting capabilities to new heights. Secure this exclusive kit for your next project and illuminate your creative vision with precision and elegance.

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