AX1 Pixel Tube

AX1 PixelTube – Wireless LED Light – Dynamic RGBW lighting with pixel control, anti-theft feature, and adjustable runtime for events and film.


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The AX1 PixelTube is a versatile and powerful RGBW LED light, a perfect fit for both stage and event lighting, as well as for film production. Far from a mere 'baton', this wireless marvel offers extensive color control, enabling a vast palette for creative lighting design.

Its seamless runtime feature allows you to tailor the output to last for the exact duration of your event, ensuring the brightest illumination without the worry of power cuts. The Pixel Tube is designed to deliver up to 20 hours of consistent lighting, and with a quick charging time, it's always ready for action.

With professional filming in mind, the AX1's adjustable PWM frequency ensures your footage remains flicker-free, while the green/magenta balance can be fine-tuned to reduce post-production work. Its anti-theft alarm system provides security, visually and audibly alerting you if the light is moved, and the AsteraApp integration offers an innovative Talkback+ function, allowing for full control over your lighting array.

The AX1 PixelTube doesn't just shine in functionality but also in its effects capabilities. Create programs swiftly with its color and effects library, synchronize them to music, or trigger them on-the-go for dynamic lighting displays.

Physically, the PixelTube is robust with polycarbonate housing and metal end caps, and with an IP65 rating when fitted with the SiliconeCap, it's ready for any environment. The package comes complete with holders, a stand, eyebolts, and a power supply—everything you need for a quick setup.

This lighting tool is a creative powerhouse, equipped with a variety of wireless protocols like CRMX, UHF, Bluetooth, and WiFi, ensuring reliable connectivity up to 330 yards with CRMX/UHF.

Whether it’s for architectural lighting, live shows, or cinematic applications, the AX1 Pixel Tube offers unparalleled control, efficiency, and reliability, making it an essential element in any professional lighting setup.

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