AX1 Pixel Tube Kit

Elevate your productions with the ASTERA AX1 Pixel Tube Kit, featuring 8 wireless, battery-powered LED PixelTubes for unmatched creative freedom. Ideal for entertainment professionals seeking versatile lighting solutions.


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Elevate Your Productions with the AX1 Pixel Tube Kit

Complete Kit Contents

The AX1 Pixel Tube Kit comes with the following components:

  • 1x Charging Case for AX1 PixelTube
  • 8x AX1 Pixel Tubes
  • 1x ChargingBox
  • 16x EyeBolts
  • 16x TubeHolders
  • 16x BabyPins
  • 8x TubeStands
  • 1x POWERCON TRUE1 cable
  • 8x DC cables

All-in-One Solution

This comprehensive kit is housed in a sturdy, wheeled Charging Case, ensuring both effortless transportation and in-case charging capabilities.

The AX1 Pixel Tube

The heart of this kit is the 8 AX1 Pixel Tubes, powerful LED RGBW batons that offer seamless runtime, anti-flicker technology, and a range of advanced features like emergency lighting and anti-theft alarms.

Essential Accessories

From the ChargingBox capable of powering up to 10 AX1 PixelTubes to the TubeHolders with Safety "R" Clips for secure mounting, this kit includes all the essential accessories you'll need for a successful production.

Advanced Features

The kit also comes with advanced features like Anti-Theft alarms and Talkback+ for easy setup and configuration of all available lights and their DMX profiles.

The Charging Case

The Charging Case not only serves as a protective shell but also houses the ChargingBox, enabling in-case charging and extended power for longer installations.

Why Choose the AX1 Pixel Tube Kit?

This kit is a testament to the synergy between Astera's cutting-edge technology and our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and innovation. Elevate your visuals and bring your creative vision to life with the AX1 Pixel Tube Kit.

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