FP1 Titan Tube and Accessories

FP1 Titan Tube and Accessories Bundle: Elevate your lighting setup with the FP1 Titan Tube and its essential accessories, all in one comprehensive package. Perfect for dynamic lighting configurations, this bundle offers versatility and quality. Note: Power supply sold separately.


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Ultimate Lighting Package: FP1 Titan Tube and Accessories Bundle

Discover the complete solution for professional lighting with the FP1 Titan Tube and Accessories Bundle. This package combines the superior FP1 Titan Tube with a tailored accessory set, designed to maximize your lighting capabilities. Ideal for event planners, filmmakers, and creative professionals seeking advanced, versatile lighting options.

Bundle Contents

  • 1 x FP1 Titan Tube: Unleash the full potential of dynamic, high-quality lighting with our flagship Titan Tube.
  • 1 x FP1 Titan Tube Accessory Set (Bundled): Comprising 2 TubeHolders, 1 TubeStand, and 2 EyeBolts for enhanced creative setups and mounting flexibility.

While this bundle provides a robust foundation for innovative lighting designs, please note that a power supply is required and sold separately. This approach allows you to choose the power solution that best suits your project's specific needs.

Why Opt for the FP1 Titan Tube and Accessories Bundle?

Selecting the FP1 Titan Tube and Accessories Bundle not only ensures compatibility and convenience but also guarantees that you’re receiving products designed to work seamlessly together for spectacular results. This bundle simplifies the decision-making process, offering significant value and efficiency by gathering all necessary components for immediate use, with the flexibility to select your optimal power supply as needed.