NYX Bulb, Black

NYX Bulb, Black: The premier color-tunable LED bulb for professional use in film, stage, and event productions. Features CRMX, RF, and Bluetooth connectivity for full control via the AsteraApp. Versatile power options with high CRI and TLCI.


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NYX Bulb, Black: Precision Lighting for Professional Environments

Introducing the NYX Bulb, Black, a sophisticated and versatile lighting solution designed for the demanding realms of film, stage, and event productions. Compact yet powerful, this LED bulb is engineered to deliver exceptional color accuracy and white tones, suitable for a variety of professional settings.

Advanced Color Control:

  • High-Performance LED Engine: Equipped with Astera’s Titan LED engine, the NYX Bulb provides precise color tuning and high-quality white tones, ensuring outstanding color rendering with ultra-high CRI and TLCI.
  • Seamless Connectivity: Includes a built-in CRMX receiver along with RF and Bluetooth modules, making it fully controllable via the AsteraApp for tailored lighting adjustments.

Versatile Powering Options:

  • AC Power Compatibility: Can be effortlessly screwed into standard lamp sockets (E26, E27, & B22), operating just like any conventional light bulb, adapting to various international standards.
  • DC Power Flexibility: Features a DC socket for 5~18VDC input, allowing for operation in areas without AC power. Compatible with the Astera PowerStation and standard power banks for extended usage, and includes an adapter for D-tap batteries.

Designed for Discretion:

The black housing of the NYX Bulb is specifically designed to blend into dark environments, such as stages and ceilings, ensuring that it remains inconspicuous while providing the same brightness and features as its white counterpart.

Package Contents:

  • NYX Bulb, Black: 1 unit, featuring robust connectivity and high-efficiency lighting.
  • USB Cable: 1 unit, for convenient power management and charging.
  • Waterproof Protection Cover for DC Port: 1 unit, enhancing durability and safety against environmental factors.

The NYX Bulb, Black is not merely a light source but a strategic lighting tool that enhances creativity and efficiency on any professional set or venue. Opt for this innovative bulb to ensure your production lighting is as adaptable and high-performing as your artistic vision.

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