Pixel Brick Accessory Kit

Maximize Your PixelBrick’s Potential with the PixelBrick Accessory Set. Includes Mounts, Cables, and Modifiers in a Durable Case. Enables Shape Building and Beam Modification.


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Unlock the Full Potential: The PixelBrick Accessory Set
Introducing the PixelBrick Accessory Set, a comprehensive kit designed to help you get the most out of your PixelBricks. Stored in a durable protective plastic case, this set includes a variety of mounts, cables, and modifiers that enable you to build shapes, wire your setup, and modify the beam of your PixelBricks.

Key Features:
Enables Shape Building and Beam Modification
Includes a Wide Range of Accessories
Stored in a Durable ABS Plastic Case
Dimensions and Weight:
21.3" x 17.44" x 8.1"
29.3 lbs
What's Included:
10x BrickMount
4x TrackPin
6x 200mm Power/Data cable
2x 5m Power/Data cable
8x BrickDome
8x BrickHinge
8x BrickTilt
8x EyeBolts
1x Accessory Case
Versatility in a Box
The PixelBrick Accessory Set is your one-stop solution for all your PixelBrick customization needs. Whether you're looking to build intricate shapes or modify the beam angle, this kit has got you covered.

Why Choose the PixelBrick Accessory Set?
Whether you're on a film set or in any other production environment, the PixelBrick Accessory Set is an essential addition to your lighting toolkit. Its comprehensive range of accessories and durable storage case make it a reliable and professional choice for your lighting needs.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 17 × 9 in