Pre-Owned Hydra Panel 4 Pack Pro Light Kit #PLK-001

Pre-Owned Hydra Panel 4 Pack Pro Light Kit #PLK-001: A full suite of four HydraPanels with beam modifiers and mounting accessories, all in a charging case. Enjoy a 6-month warranty and free shipping on this professional-grade lighting solution.


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Pre-Owned Hydra Panel 4 Pack Pro Light Kit #PLK-001

Discover the unmatched performance of the Pre-Owned Hydra Panel 4 Pack Pro Light Kit #PLK-001, a testament to the enduring quality of Astera's lighting solutions. This kit provides four pre-owned HydraPanels, each subjected to thorough testing to certify their pristine condition and functionality.

What's Included:

  • Four FP6 Hydra Panels that have passed comprehensive functional testing for certified pre-owned status.
  • An assortment of beam shaping tools such as SoftFrames and Intensifiers, enabling a wide range of lighting effects and moods.
  • The custom-designed charging case not only charges your HydraPanels efficiently but also offers robust protection during transport and storage.

Construction and Durability

These panels are constructed with resilient materials, ensuring they stand up to the test of time and continuous professional use.

Dimensions and Portability

With its lightweight and compact form factor, the Hydra Panel 4 Pack is perfect for creators who need quality lighting on the go.

Effortless Charging Solution

The smart charging case included in this kit makes managing power for your HydraPanels straightforward, ensuring they're charged and ready whenever you are.

Pre-Owned Professional Lighting at Its Best

The Pre-Owned Hydra Panel 4 Pack Pro Light Kit #PLK-001 offers the savvy professional a trustworthy and flexible lighting solution. It comes complete with a 6-month warranty and the promise of free shipping within the continental United States.

Pre-Owned FP6 HydraPanel Kit Warranty

  • Duration: 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • Coverage: Covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use, ensuring functionality as expected.
  • Exclusions: Excludes damage from misuse, accidents, unauthorized repairs, or alterations.
  • Claim Process: Proof of purchase and a detailed description of the issue are required. Resolutions may include repair, replacement, or a pro-rated refund.
  • Shipping for Repairs: Customers are responsible for shipping costs to the repair center, while return shipping post-repair is on us.
  • Non-Warranty Issues: In cases outside the warranty, customers are provided with a repair quote and are responsible for all shipping costs, regardless of repair decision.

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