Diffuser Filter 120° for AX3 Light Drop

AX3 120° Diffuser Filter: Soften your AX3’s glow with an opaque 120° diffuser, ideal for lighting frosted glass, plastic, and similar materials.


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Product Line: Astera-LED

Soft Lighting Mastery with the AX3 120° Diffuser

Transform the AX3 LightDrop into a soft lighting artisan with the Diffuser Filter 120°. This filter spreads the light in a wide, 120° angle, producing a gentle illumination that's perfect for showcasing the innate beauty of semi-transparent and translucent materials like frosted glass and plastics.

  • Broadens the AX3's beam to a substantial 120° for maximum diffusion.
  • Opaque filter quality ensures a smooth, even spread of light.
  • Expertly crafted from high-grade materials for premium light softening.

Whether you're a cinematographer seeking a subtle glow or an event designer looking to create an ambiance, this filter's ability to softly disperse light makes it an invaluable tool in your lighting kit.

Diffusion at Its Finest

The Diffuser Filter 120° for AX3 LightDrop is not just a filter; it's a medium through which your lighting can whisper as well as shout. It's the key to unlocking truly immersive and flattering light environments.

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