Honeycrates 4’x4′ Butterfly

Honeycrates 4’x4′ Butterfly Eggcrate: Precision light control for medium sources. Fast frame attachment, sag-resistant, with custom carry case.


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Refine Medium Light with Honeycrates 4'x4' Butterfly Eggcrate

Shape light impeccably with the Honeycrates 4'x4' Butterfly Eggcrate. Our eggcrate design swiftly affixes to 4'x4' grip frames, ensuring you achieve the desired lighting effect every time.

  • Effortless Assembly: Attaches seamlessly to grip frames, enabling quick setup and adjustments.
  • Eggcrate Excellence: The honeycomb pattern minimizes sag, providing stable and uniform light diffusion.
  • Transport with Ease: Lightweight and foldable, accompanied by a custom-designed carrying case for optimal portability.

Renowned for strength and longevity, our Honeycrate Butterfly frames are the most robust in the market. Crafted with precision, they deliver unparalleled light control, making them an essential tool for any lighting professional.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 4'x4' grid, ideal for a variety of medium-sized lights.
  • Build: Durable materials crafted for professional use.
  • Guarantee: The only eggcrate with a promise of industry-leading strength.

Opt for the Honeycrates 4'x4' Butterfly Eggcrate and elevate the quality of your lighting setup.

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