Skins Combo Kit for Dooplo 20 by Lightsock

Maximize Astera Helios Tube lighting with the Dooplo 20 Skins Kit, featuring 1/4 grid and 1/2 grid diffusions for dynamic control.


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Elevate your lighting setup with the Dooplo 20 Skins Combo Kit, a perfect extension for the Lightsock Dooplo 20 designed for Astera Helios Tubes. This made-in-the-U.S.A. kit enriches your lighting repertoire with two additional diffusion skins in 1/4 grid and 1/2 grid varieties, both tailored to fit the 22.25" x 10" dimensions of your existing light modifier.

The 1/4 grid skin imparts the least diffusion, allowing more light to pass through for scenes requiring a sharper intensity. In contrast, the 1/2 grid skin softens the light more significantly, ideal for creating a gentle and flattering illumination. These skins are meticulously designed for quick integration with the Dooplo 20, ensuring a hassle-free enhancement to your lighting without the need for extra tools.

When used alongside the Pearlescent skin included with the Lightsock Dooplo 20, these grid options offer unparalleled control over the spread and quality of light. Their addition to your lighting toolkit will provide you with the flexibility to craft the precise look you desire, be it on a studio set or a remote location. They are not just accessories; they are essentials for any cinematographer seeking to refine their light with precision and ease.

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