Skins Combo Kit for Dooplo 40 by Lightsock

Refine your lighting with the Dooplo 40 Skins Combo Kit, featuring 1/4 and 1/2 grid diffusion skins for Astera Titan Tubes customization.


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Introducing the Lightsock Dooplo 40 Skins Combo Kit, the ultimate enhancement for your Lightsock Dooplo 40 designed for Astera Titan Tubes. Embracing the ingenuity of American manufacturing, this kit brings to your set two superior diffusion skins in 1/4 grid and 1/2 grid options, each precisely engineered to match the 41" length and 10" width of your light modifier.

The 1/4 grid skin is your go-to for minimal diffusion, allowing a greater intensity of light to shine through, perfect for scenes that require a crisp, vibrant look. The 1/2 grid skin, meanwhile, offers a moderate diffusion effect, softening the light for a more subtle, even glow. These skins effortlessly integrate with your Dooplo 40, providing a seamless upgrade to your lighting system without additional tools.

When paired with the original Pearlescent skin of the Dooplo 40, these additional diffusion options afford you the creative freedom to fine-tune your lighting to perfection. They are indispensable for filmmakers and lighting professionals who demand precision and versatility in their lighting setups, ensuring that you can adapt to any lighting challenge with confidence and creativity.

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