Diffuser Sheet 100° for Hydra Panel

Magnetic 100° beam diffuser for HydraPanel. Ideal for evenly lighting subjects without increasing fixture height.


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Product Line: Astera-LED

Introducing the DiffuserSheet 100° for HydraPanel, your go-to accessory for achieving soft, even light without increasing the overall height of your lighting setup. Measuring at 6.36" x 3.17" x 0.08", this compact diffuser adjusts your HydraPanel’s output to a 100° beam angle.

Specifically designed to illuminate people, the DiffuserSheet is a valuable asset for portrait photography, interviews, and any scenario requiring a flattering light source. Its magnetic corners on the backside allow for quick and secure attachment to the HydraPanel's mating magnets, eliminating the need for any additional mounting gear.

What sets this diffuser apart is its front-side magnets, which provide the versatility to attach additional modifiers, enabling you to adapt and customize your lighting setup further. This feature makes the DiffuserSheet not only a practical addition but also a gateway to greater creative possibilities.

Made to be both functional and durable, this diffuser seamlessly integrates with your HydraPanel, transforming it into a softer, more versatile lighting tool. Add the DiffuserSheet 100° to your HydraPanel today and step up your lighting game.

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Dimensions 6.5 × 3.5 × 0.1 in