Egg Crate 60° for Hydra Panel

Magnetic 60° light control grid for HydraPanel. Expands light coverage, minimizes spill, and quickens setup. Dimensions: 6.53″ x 3.34″ x 0.47″.


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Product Line: Astera-LED

The EggCrate 60 for HydraPanel is a meticulously engineered light control grid, made from a durable combination of polymer and metal. With dimensions measuring 6.53" x 3.34" x 0.47", it is designed to fit perfectly onto your HydraPanel.

One of its notable features is the magnetic corners, which allow for quick and secure attachment to the HydraPanel, or to other lighting control accessories. This design simplifies your setup process, a valuable time-saver especially when you're working against the clock.

This EggCrate utilizes industry-standard technology to control and direct your light output, significantly reducing unwanted light spill and glare. It narrows the light to a focused 60° beam, aiding in isolating your subject and minimizing extraneous light on other areas like walls, ceilings, and floors.

This light control grid eliminates the need for additional lighting modification tools like siders, toppers, or bottomers, making your workflow more streamlined and efficient. In essence, it provides a focused 60° beam that targets your light precisely where you need it, without any waste.

In both studio and location settings, the EggCrate 60 for HydraPanel is a versatile and indispensable asset. It offers a durable, user-friendly way to refine your lighting setup, giving you the control you need to achieve the perfect shot.

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