Wallwash Filter for AX3 Light Drop

AX3 Wallwash Filter: Achieve precise, elliptical illumination with this 17°x46° wallwash diffuser, tailored for the Astera Lightdrop AX3.


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Precision Wallwashing with the AX3 Filter

Elevate your lighting design with the Wallwash Filter for AX3 LightDrop. This specialized filter is engineered to shape the AX3's output into a 17°x46° elliptical beam, perfect for accentuating walls and flat surfaces with a wash of light.

  • Creates a distinct, elliptical beam for focused wall washing effects.
  • Customized for the Astera Lightdrop AX3, ensuring a seamless fit.
  • Constructed from premium PMMA for clarity and durability.

Whether you're setting the scene in a gallery, highlighting architecture, or creating ambience in an event space, this filter's precision will enhance your lighting setup. It's an essential tool for lighting professionals who demand control and quality in their work.

Expand Your Lighting Capabilities

The Wallwash Filter is more than an accessory; it's a gateway to new creative possibilities. Insert it into your AX3 and watch as your space is transformed by the power of light and shadow.

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