Lightsock 20 Covered Wagon Kit for Astera Helios Tube


The Lightsock 20 is a versatile covered wagon kit crafted for the Astera Helios Tube, delivering adjustable, soft, ambient lighting with its innovative design and high-quality “Pearlescent” diffusion material. Weighing 2.7 pounds and spanning 22.25 inches in length, it offers ease and adaptability for all your lighting needs.

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Introducing the Lightsock 20 Covered Wagon Kit, exclusively tailored for the Astera Helios Tube. Measuring 22.25 inches in length and 7 inches in width, this kit ensures a snug fit while weighing just 2.7 pounds, inclusive of the tube. Drawing inspiration from the traditional covered wagon design, the Lightsock 20 provides an even diffusion system, enabling users to achieve soft, ambient lighting for a wide range of filming environments. When utilized without the inclusive blackout "siders," it delivers a 360° radiance of diffused light. The inclusion of the proprietary "Pearlescent" material by the manufacturer ensures the light's quality is unparalleled. Adaptable by design, attaching one "sider" narrows the light aperture to 180°. With the second "sider," users have the flexibility to adjust the light output from a minuscule slit to a broad 180°, offering unmatched versatility in lighting control. Added conveniences, like the finger-accessible cutouts at the back and M5 threaded holes on its knurled aluminum ends, make it compatible with the Astera floor stand, providing ease in setup and adjustments.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 in

Lightsock - Usage and Care Guidelines

For our wonderful Lightsock customers, we’d like to share some key insights to help you make the most of your purchase:

  • Ensure WHITE PLATES are perfectly flush to the tube and aligned. This helps avoid cross-threading.
  • Engage the BLACK KNOB threads gently and avoid over-tightening to preserve their condition.

Please note: We are dedicated resellers of the Lightsock product. The manufacturer considers certain issues, such as cross-threading or stripping, to be a result of either misuse or natural wear and tear. We always prioritize our customers’ satisfaction, and while we may choose to replace items, this is at our discretion.

Replacement knobs available for just $10!

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