Hyperion Lightsock 80 Skins Combo Kit

Advance Hyperion Tube lighting with the Lightsock 80 Skins Kit, adding 1/4 & 1/2 grid diffusions for expansive light shaping.


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The Lightsock 80 Skins Combo Kit is the definitive solution for those utilizing the Lightsock 80 Covered Wagon Kit for Astera Hyperion Tubes. This American-made duo includes two diffusion skins in 1/4 grid and 1/2 grid formats, tailored to enhance the 80.25" x 10" Lightsock 80. These skins offer the utmost in light manipulation, from a slight softening with the 1/4 grid to a more pronounced diffusion with the 1/2 grid. They are essential for directors of photography and gaffers who require complete command over their lighting environment, ensuring that each scene is captured with the intended artistic effect.

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