Art7 Astera Box Top Cover Antenna Assembly Kit

Art7 Astera Box Top Cover Antenna Assembly Kit: Enhance connectivity and control. Includes antennas, indicator lights, and essential cables for optimal performance.


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Revitalize Your Art7 Astera Box: Top Cover Antenna Assembly Kit

Upgrade and maintain your Art7 Astera Box with the Art7 Astera Box Top Cover Antenna Assembly Kit. This comprehensive kit is designed to replace or repair the top cover of your Art7 Box, incorporating key components for enhanced range and reliability. Whether you're dealing with connectivity issues or looking to refresh your equipment, this assembly kit is your go-to solution.

  • Integrated Controls and Indicators: Features power and Art7 linking buttons, along with visual indicators for transceiver status, mode, battery, and power.
  • Dual Antenna Setup: Includes two antennas—one for RF and the other for CRMX—ensuring robust and reliable wireless communication.
  • Complete Connectivity: Comes with two connecting cables for the antennas and a ribbon cable for seamless integration with the Art7 Astera Box Control Board.

This assembly kit is not just a replacement part—it's an enhancement to your Art7 Astera Box's functionality. It addresses common range and connectivity concerns, ensuring your lighting setup operates at its best.

Kit Components:

  • Top Cover Plate: Houses essential controls and indicators for easy operation.
  • Antennas and Cables: Two antennas with corresponding cables for uninterrupted wireless communication.
  • Ribbon Cable: Facilitates connection to the main control board for complete system integration.

Invest in the Art7 Astera Box Top Cover Antenna Assembly Kit for enhanced performance and peace of mind in your professional lighting setups.

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