Astera Tube Complete Hardware Kit

Astera Tube Complete Hardware Kit

Maximize your lighting setup’s potential with the Astera Tube Complete Hardware Kit, featuring 51 pieces for full-scale maintenance and repair. This essential collection includes center nuts, locking dowels, and end cap screws, designed to cater specifically to Astera Titan, Helios, Hyperion, and Pixel Tube MkII models, ensuring your equipment remains in peak condition.


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Astera Tube Complete Hardware Kit

The ultimate maintenance solution for Astera Tubes, featuring 51 essential hardware pieces for comprehensive repairs and upkeep. Includes center nuts, locking dowels, and end cap screws.

Elevate your Astera Tubes' maintenance regimen with the Astera Tube Complete Hardware Kit, your all-in-one solution for extensive repairs and reliable performance upkeep. This meticulously assembled kit goes beyond basic repairs, offering a generous assortment of 51 pieces, ensuring you have every necessary component at your fingertips for the most common to the most intricate maintenance tasks.

Kit Contents:

  • Center nuts and locking dowels for secure tube assembly.
  • End cap screws, washers, and standoffs for robust endcap maintenance.
  • An assortment of additional hardware tailored to preserve the integrity and functionality of your tubes.

Broad Spectrum Repairs:

Whether you're tackling routine maintenance or addressing unforeseen repairs, this kit provides a comprehensive collection of parts commonly replaced or required in the upkeep of Astera Tubes. From securing end caps to ensuring the internal components are firmly assembled, every piece plays a crucial role.

High-Quality Construction:

Crafted with precision and made from premium materials, each component in the Astera Tube Complete Hardware Kit guarantees to meet the high-quality standards of Astera products. This kit not only ensures the longevity of your lighting equipment but also maintains the pristine condition and performance Astera users have come to expect.

Convenience and Efficiency:

With the Astera Tube Complete Hardware Kit, professionals can streamline their maintenance process, reducing downtime and enhancing the reliability of their lighting setup. It's an indispensable toolkit for ensuring your Astera Tubes are always show-ready.

Please Note: Familiarize yourself with our Return/Exchange Policy before purchasing repair parts to ensure a thorough understanding of the terms and conditions applicable to these items. This kit is the definitive resource for maintaining the operational excellence and aesthetic appeal of your Astera Tubes, making it a valuable addition to any lighting professional's toolkit.

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