Charging Side, End Cap for Astera AX1 Pixel Tube (MKI)

Replacement Charging Side End Cap for Astera AX1 PixelTube (MKI). Features silicon weatherproof seal and power button access. True to the original design, without the embossed anchor. Essential for AX1’s resilience and function.


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Product Line: Astera-LED

Maintain the optimal performance of your Astera AX1 PixelTube (MKI) with this dedicated Charging Side End Cap. Exclusively crafted for the AX1 PixelTube (MKI), this cap is essential for both functionality and protection. Its built-in silicon weatherproof cap contributes to the AX1's resistance against environmental elements. The design also integrates a hole tailored for the power button, ensuring ease of access and use. Like the original MKI design, this cap doesn't feature the embossed anchor emblem found in the MKII variant. Given its limited availability online, this end cap is a valuable asset for those keen on preserving their lighting equipment's peak condition.

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