24-Pack T12 Clip with 4.2mm Mounting Hole – Uncoated

24-pack of durable, uncoated T12 Clips with 4.2mm holes. Designed for 1/4-20 male threads. Perfect for secure LED tube mounting.


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Androokie Industries

Opt for long-lasting durability with this 24-pack of uncoated T12 Clips. Unlike their rubber-coated counterparts, these clips are designed to endure repeated use, retaining their gripping ability over time. Each clip features a 4.2mm mounting hole, specifically tailored for 1/4-20 male threads, allowing for versatile mounting options. Intended to secure LED tubes and other T12 form factor lighting, these clips offer a sturdy, reliable grip that ensures your lighting setup remains safe and stable. Given their durability, these uncoated clips provide a long-term solution for your lighting needs.

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Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 5 in