Adjustable Foot for AX2 Pixel Bar

Effortlessly angle your AX2 PixelBars with the Adjustable Foot—a quick-release, time-saving lighting solution.


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Product Line: Astera-LED

Elevate your lighting setup with the Adjustable Foot for AX2 PixelBar, an ingeniously designed accessory to optimize your Astera AX2 PixelBar 100 and 50 units. Its quick-release clamp allows for swift adjustments, ensuring your light direction is precise and your walls are evenly illuminated. Compatible with the integrated Airline Track system, this foot can be attached to the bottom or backside of your fixtures, enabling up to a 90° tilt for versatile lighting angles. With the Adjustable Foot, repositioning your PixelBars becomes a breeze, allowing for a connected row to be angled with ease, saving time on set and enhancing lighting efficiency.

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