Androokie 1.5-inch Cable Clearance Extender for Astera Tubes

1.5-inch stainless steel extender with 1/4-20 threads, ideal for extra cable clearance in Astera Tube setups.


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Introducing the Androokie 1.5-inch Cable Clearance Extender, your go-to accessory for enhancing Astera Tube lighting installations. This elongated stainless steel extender provides an extra 1.5 inches of space between your Androokie magnet and the mounting hardware, offering even greater flexibility for power and data cable routing.

Like its 1-inch counterpart, this extender features a 1/4-20 male thread on one end and a female thread on the other, allowing seamless compatibility with your existing Androokie and Astera Tube systems. The additional half-inch of length brings an extra layer of versatility to your setups, making it ideal for more complex rigging requirements.

Constructed from durable stainless steel, this 1.5-inch extender stands up to rigorous use, ensuring your lighting installations remain stable and secure. The extended length not only solves the issue of cable clearance but also offers more creative freedom in positioning your Astera Tubes.

Whether you are dealing with challenging installation spaces or simply want more room for cable management, the Androokie 1.5-inch Cable Clearance Extender is an indispensable accessory that elevates your lighting rig to new heights of functionality and convenience.

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