Androokie 1-inch Cable Clearance Extender for Astera Tubes

1-inch stainless steel extender with 1/4-20 threads, designed for cable clearance in Astera Tube setups.


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Meet the Androokie 1-inch Cable Clearance Extender, a specialized accessory designed to optimize your Astera Tube lighting setups. This stainless steel extender provides an additional inch of space between your Androokie magnet and the hardware it's mounted on, particularly useful for ensuring clearance for power and data cables.

The extender features a 1/4-20 male thread on one end and a female thread on the other, allowing for seamless integration with your existing Androokie and Astera Tube systems. Its one-inch length and robust stainless steel construction make it both a versatile and durable addition to your lighting rig.

By adding this extender, you'll solve one of the most common challenges in Astera Tube installations—cable management. Now you can effortlessly position your tubes without worrying about cable interference, making your setup more efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Consider the Androokie 1-inch Cable Clearance Extender not just as an added piece, but as an essential upgrade that broadens your rigging possibilities while simplifying cable management.

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