Androokie Heavy Duty Rotating Ball Mount Head

Durable ball mount head for precise film light positioning. Features female 1/4-20 and male 3/8-16 threads for versatility. Metal internals for enhanced durability.


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Unlock unparalleled flexibility in your lighting setups with the Androokie Heavy Duty Rotating Ball Mount Head. Drawing inspiration from popular tripod heads in photography, this tool has been reimagined for the specific needs of the film lighting industry.

Central to its design is the rotating ball, which permits a near-endless array of positioning options for your film lights. Whether you're seeking a specific rotation or a unique angle, this ball mount head effortlessly caters to your every whim. Once the desired position is achieved, a locking screw ensures the ball remains firmly in place, eliminating any worries about unexpected shifts during a shoot.

One end of the mount features a female 1/4-20 thread, designed to attach seamlessly to available Androokie magnets. On the opposite end, a male 3/8-16 thread offers compatibility with various Astera lights, including the AX3 Lightdrop, PB15 Pixel Brick, AX5 TriplePar, and the AX9 PowerPar.

Setting this ball mount head apart from its contemporaries is its robust construction. While many mounts may skimp on internals, the Androokie Heavy Duty Rotating Ball Mount Head boasts metal internals, ensuring longevity and unwavering stability. Additionally, an index marked in 5-degree intervals aids in precise rotation measurements, enabling meticulous adjustments for perfectionists.

In essence, the Androokie Heavy Duty Rotating Ball Mount Head stands as a testament to innovation and precision in the realm of film lighting. Whether you're orchestrating an intricate scene or simply seeking a reliable tool for your lighting arsenal, this ball mount head promises performance, adaptability, and peace of mind.

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