Androokie 1/4″ to 3/8″ Thread Adapter

Stainless steel 1/4″-20 Female to 3/8″-16 Male thread adapter. Enables 1/4″-20 Androokie hardware to fit lights requiring 3/8″-16. Weight: 0.05 lbs, Length: 1.25″.



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Androokie Industries

The Androokie Thread Adapter is a versatile, stainless steel tool that serves as a bridge between 1/4"-20 Androokie hardware and lighting equipment that necessitate a 3/8"-16 male threaded end. With dimensions at roughly 1.25 inches and a weight of only 0.05 pounds, this compact adapter is convenient to carry and simple to use.

Designed primarily for compatibility, this adapter opens up new possibilities for your lighting setup. You can now easily connect hardware such as the Androokie magnets to lights like the PB15 PixelBrick, AX3 LightDrop, and AX5 TriplePar, all of which require a 3/8"-16 threaded connection.

Made from robust stainless steel, this adapter ensures a sturdy and reliable connection. It's engineered to withstand the rigors of both studio and on-location setups, offering both durability and dependability.

This thread adapter is a must-have for any professional lighting technician or videographer. Its ease of use and versatility make it a straightforward solution for hardware compatibility issues, saving you time and simplifying your setup process.

In summary, the Androokie Thread Adapter eliminates the need for additional or specialized hardware, making it an indispensable accessory in your lighting toolkit.

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Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 0.5 × 0.5 in