Baby Pin Classic

Astera BabyPin Classic: A modern twist on the traditional baby pin. Dual-threaded spigot for mounting Astera tubes and spotlights.


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BabyPin Classic: Astera's Innovative Grip Solution

Introducing the Astera BabyPin Classic, a versatile and robust double-ended spigot designed to mount a variety of Astera lights onto stands, clamps, and other structures. While it differs from the traditional baby pin used in cinematography, Astera’s iteration is built with precision and practicality in mind.

  • Double-ended with 1/4"-20 upper thread and 3/8"-16 lower thread
  • Compatible with a broad range of Astera lights including AX3, AX1, FP1, FP2, FP3, and AX5
  • Stainless steel construction measuring Ø0.75" x 1.3" and weighing just 0.13 lbs

The Astera BabyPin Classic allows seamless integration with equipment such as SuperClamps, offering a secure and reliable hold. The smaller threaded end can easily connect to the PixelTube Holder, while the larger thread accommodates the center yoke hole on the AX3 Lightdrop, among other uses.

This tool is essential for film, studio, and event technicians who need a reliable solution for attaching Astera lighting fixtures to various support structures. The BabyPin Classic upholds the tradition of on-set versatility, redefined by Astera to meet the modern demands of creative lighting.

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Weight 0.1345 lbs
Dimensions 2.67 × 0.75 × 0.75 in