M5 Eye Bolt

M5 EyeBolt for Astera Tubes – Secure and suspend your lighting with a durable stainless steel EyeBolt, featuring a rubber adjust ring for a perfect fit.


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The M5 EyeBolt is an essential accessory designed to enhance the safety and versatility of your Astera lighting setup. Crafted from robust stainless steel, this EyeBolt is compatible with a broad array of Astera products, including the popular AX1 Pixel Tube, Helios Tube, Titan Tube, and Hyperion Tube.

Featuring an M5 thread and a practical inner diameter of Ø0.47", the EyeBolt ensures a secure grip and reliable suspension of your lighting tubes. The outer diameter of Ø0.83" provides substantial surface area for stability, while the lightweight design, at merely 0.024 lbs, adds negligible weight to your gear.

Integral to the EyeBolt's design is the adjust ring made of supple rubber, which allows for fine adjustments, ensuring a snug fit and preventing slippage or movement during use. This addition not only enhances the security of your installation but also protects the integrity of the tubes.

Whether you're suspending your Astera tubes for a dynamic lighting display or securing them with a safety wire for added peace of mind, the M5 EyeBolt is your reliable point of safety and stability. Its compatibility with multiple tube sizes and its durable construction make it a must-have for lighting professionals seeking to create safe, visually stunning environments.

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Weight 0.0226 lbs
Dimensions 1.08 × 0.83 × 0.44 in