T12 Pixel Tube Mount – Quad

Flexible T12 Tube Mount for Four: Effortlessly supports up to four lighting tubes side by side, with an adjustable ball mount for precise angling.


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Secure and Adjustable T12 Tube Mount

The T12 Pixel Tube Mount - Quad is your flexible solution for lighting setups, accommodating up to four T12-compatible tubes, including the popular Astera Tubes. Designed by Modern Studio Equipment, this mount is a sturdy ally for photographers, filmmakers, and event technicians.

  • Constructed with high-grade 6061 aluminum for superior durability.
  • Features a standard 5/8" baby pin for universal mounting adaptability.
  • Equipped with an adjustable ball mount, allowing precise control over lighting angles.
  • Capability to mount up to four tubes side by side, with the option for fewer if needed.
  • Uncoated clips provide a reliable grip on tubes without unnecessary bulk.

While it fits T12 lamps from brands like Kino and Quasar, it’s also an ideal partner for Astera’s AX1 PixelTubes, FP1 TitanTubes, FP2 HeliosTubes, and FP3 HyperionTubes. Its design may not have Astera in mind from the start, but its compatibility is a testament to its versatility and functionality.

Choose the T12 Pixel Tube Mount - Quad for Versatility and Reliability

Opt for the T12 Pixel Tube Mount - Quad for an organized, professional look. Whether it's for a film set, a photo studio, or a live event, this mount is ready to support your lighting vision with ease and stability.

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