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This road case was custom designed by Astera’s US distributor ICD to perfectly fit the 8 unit charging plate for their AX5 TriplePar Lighting Fixture. The case features 4 rugged casters, 6 handles, 4 lid-mounted caster dishes and hinged lid with stays. The case includes a compartment in front for storing cables, clamps diffusers & other accessories. The case measures 29 3/8″ wide by 23 1/4″ deep by 23″ high. It weighs 66 lbs empty, 81 lbs. fitted with Astera’s fore-mentioned charging plate (sold separately) & 143 lbs. fully loaded with 8 lights, diffusion & power cable.

Please note, this listing is for the road case only. The charging plate (AX5-CHRPLAT8) & lights (AX5) are sold separately.

In our experience, this case is only suited for applications where the wheels will always be facing down. Flipping the case upside down is likely to damage the lid.

*** Gallery photos shown with and without the charging plates & lights for reference.




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Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 24 × 23 in

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