Power/Data Combo Cable Set (0.2m) – Set of 8

8-Pack Power/Data Combo Cables, 0.2m/7.9in each, for seamless integration with PixelBricks, HydraPanels, and PowerBox 2x86W setups


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This 8-Pack of Power/Data Combo Cables, each 0.2m or 7.9 inches in length, represents the pinnacle of efficiency and integration for your lighting setup. Designed specifically to connect with PixelBricks, HydraPanels, and the PowerBox 2x86W, these cables offer a streamlined solution for both power and data in close-knit configurations.

Key Benefits:

  • Sold as a set of 8, ideal for multi-light arrangements
  • Ensures adherence to the 15m end-to-end cable run limit for optimal performance
  • Allows for a daisy-chain of up to 4 lights from a single PowerBox without excess cable length
  • Simplifies setup by replacing the need for longer 5m, 10m, or 15m cables in compact layouts

Prior to these 0.2m cables, achieving such a closely-spaced setup was a challenge, with only longer cable options available. Now, maintain a neat and efficient arrangement whether you’re connecting multiple PixelBricks & HydraPanels or linking them to a PowerBox 2x86W. These short-length cables not only add convenience to your setups but also ensure a clean, professional look with high-impact results.

Embrace the simplicity and sophistication of these Power/Data Combo Cables, and let them transform the way you power and connect your lighting fixtures.

Additional Information:

  • Compatibility: PixelBrick PB15, HydraPanels, PowerBox 2x86W
  • Quantity: 8 cables per pack
  • Length: Each cable 0.2m/7.9in
  • Application: Ideal for close-spaced configurations and compact layouts

With this 8-pack, you're equipped to maximize the design and functionality of your lighting systems, ensuring a polished and efficient setup for any professional environment.

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