Titan Power/Data Combo Cable Set (15m) – Set of 8

15m/45ft combo cable kit, ideal for long-range Titan, Helios & Hyperion Tube setups. Integrates power and data seamlessly.


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Product Line: Astera-LED

Reach further and connect smarter with the 15m/45ft Titan Power/Data Combo Cable Set. Tailored for the Titan, Helios & Hyperion Tubes, this set is the epitome of convenience and efficiency, thanks to its dual power and data capabilities. Minimize the tangle and hassle of separate cables and optimize your workflow. Plus, it’s versatile; this set is also compatible with DataLink, ChargingBox, and a variety of Astera devices. Each set provides 8 cables, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your diverse lighting scenarios.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 7 in