Soft Bag for Titan & AX1 Pixel Tube

Softbag for TitanTube & AX1 PixelTube: Padded Fabric Bag for Secure Storage and Transport of Up to 4 Tubes and Accessories.


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Product Line: Astera-LED

Introducing the Softbag for TitanTube & AX1 PixelTube

The Softbag for TitanTube & AX1 PixelTube is your go-to solution for carrying your lighting equipment safely and conveniently. Made from durable PE Fabric, corrugated plastic, and PE Foam, this padded bag is designed to protect your tubes and accessories during transport.

Key Features:

  • Padded Fabric for Extra Protection
  • Spacious Design to Hold Multiple Items
  • Dimensions: 42.72" x 12.20" x 6.89"


  • Empty: 9.03 lbs | Full: 29.76 lbs

What Can It Hold?

The Softbag can comfortably accommodate:

  • 4 x Titan/AX1 Tubes
  • 4 x WingPlates
  • 8 x TubeHolders
  • 8 x Eyebolts
  • 4 x TubeStands
  • 8 x Babypins
  • 1 x AsteraBox
  • 4 x Individual Chargers
  • 1 x Datalink

Versatility and Convenience

Whether you're on a film set or setting up for an event, the Softbag for TitanTube & AX1 PixelTube offers the versatility and convenience you need. Its spacious design and padded fabric ensure that your tubes and accessories are well-protected and easy to transport.

Why Choose the Softbag for TitanTube & AX1 PixelTube?

For professionals in the lighting industry, this Softbag is an essential tool that combines durability, space, and protection, making it a reliable choice for your TitanTube & AX1 PixelTube needs.

Additional information

Weight 9.03 lbs
Dimensions 42.72 × 12.2 × 6.89 in