FP2 Helios Tube

FP2 HeliosTube: Streamlined LED lighting with Titan Tube-matched colors and brightness. Direct LCD control for settings.


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"Either the Helios Charging Case, or Power Supply are required when purchasing a Helios Tube."

Power Supply for Titan/Helios Tube

Universal LED Tube Charger: Charge your Titan or Helios tubes with this reliable wall charger. Designed for US 2-pole outlets, optimized for performance and durability.

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Product Line: Astera-LED

Portable Precision Lighting – FP2 HeliosTube

Meet the FP2 HeliosTube, the nimble yet powerful lighting solution that delivers the same vibrant colors and brightness levels as the celebrated Titan Tube, packaged in a more compact form for increased versatility.

Premium Features

  • Advanced Titan LED Engine with RGBMintAmber LEDs for rich, perfectly matched colors to the Titan Tube.
  • Built-in LCD display and keypad offer hands-on control for color, intensity, CCT, and more.
  • Seamless runtime technology ensures your light remains consistent throughout the shoot.
  • Robust wireless connectivity including CRMX, UHF, Bluetooth, and WiFi for flexible operation.

Superior Design and Build

With a high CRI/TLCI of ≥96, the HeliosTube promises exceptional color rendering. The polycarbonate and metal construction, along with an IP65 rating, ensure durability and resilience in various environments.

Effortless Adaptability

Whether you're fitting into small spaces or transporting gear between locations, the HeliosTube's lightweight design, measuring 21.7" in length, and 1.68 lbs in weight, makes it an indispensable tool for filmmakers and lighting professionals who demand both quality and convenience.

Additional information

Weight 1.6800 lbs
Dimensions 1.6000 × 1.6000 × 22.7000 in