Wall Wash Filter for AX10 Spot Max

Diffusion filter designed for the AX10 SpotMax. Achieve an elliptical beam for superior wall washing.


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Product Line: Astera-LED

The Wallwash Filter for AX10 SpotMax is a premium diffusion accessory brought to you by Astera. Crafted from top-grade PMMA material, this filter is adeptly engineered to fit seamlessly into the AX7 SpotLite or the AX10 SpotMax. With a specific beam angle of 17° x 46°, it masterfully transforms the light beam into an elliptical shape, making it perfect for wall washing applications. The filter's dimensions are a compact 0.2 x Ø7.1 inches, ensuring an ideal fit and optimal performance. This indispensable lighting accessory comes with the SKU AST-AX10-WWDSK. Elevate your lighting setup with this dedicated Wallwash Filter, a reflection of Astera's dedication to providing top-tier and versatile lighting solutions.

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Dimensions 7.125 × 7.125 × .0625 in