Flood Filter for AX10 Spot Max

Flood filter tailored for the AX10 SpotMax. Expands beam angle for broader light coverage.


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Product Line: Astera-LED

The Flood Filter for AX10 SpotMax stands out as an essential accessory in Astera's line-up, designed to elevate the capabilities of your lighting equipment. Made from the highest quality PMMA material, this filter is precision-engineered to slot effortlessly into the AX7 SpotLite or the AX10 SpotMax. Originally, these lighting models come with a native beam angle of 13°. However, with the introduction of the Flood Filter, the beam angle expands to a more comprehensive 32°, enhancing the spread of light. Boasting dimensions of 0.08" x Ø6.2", this filter promises a perfect fit while enhancing your lighting's versatility. Ensure your light covers more ground with this indispensable Flood Filter, showcasing Astera's commitment to innovative and adaptable lighting solutions.

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